Understanding Your Options for Modern Head Injury Treatment

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Following a head injury, treatment often focuses on managing short-term symptoms and seeking to prevent any aggravation of the injury. However, traumatic brain injuries often come with long-lasting harmful effects, some of which may become quite disruptive to an individual’s daily life. At Brain Treatment Centre Australia, our team supports pioneering efforts to deliver innovative TBI therapy to help people living with head injuries.

Our treatment offerings are based on repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) technology in combination with computer analysis of individual EEG data. We call this therapy MeRTSM. Understanding the potential advantages of this TBI treatment option is essential for determining whether an individual should meet with our team to explore his or her next steps.

What You Should Know About This Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy

The concept of using magnetic fields to influence the way that the brain works may seem unusual, but there is a growing body of scientific research that demonstrates the potential therapeutic value of strategies such as MeRTSM. Understanding how this therapy works is the first step in assessing its suitability for your or a loved one.

  • There are no drugs or surgeries associated with this treatment. While other TBI therapies may rely on new pharmaceuticals, MeRTSM is entirely non-invasive, affecting change in the brain through the power of a magnetic field.
  • MeRTSM may help with symptom mitigation and management, but it cannot reverse or “undo” the effects of a TBI. Patients respond to this therapy in unique ways.
  • There is an investment of time associated with this therapy. Most patients require at least four weeks of treatments, and additional visits may be necessary to reinforce positive responses to this therapy.

For further information, we suggest consulting our FAQ page.

Why Trust Brain Treatment Centre Australia Regarding TBI Therapy?

Aside from our status as one of the only providers in Australia licensed to provide access to this therapy, there are other reasons to place your trust in our hands:

  • We are directly affiliated with the original Brain Treatment Centre in the United States, where innovative work on MeRTSM has taken place. Now, in bringing this technology to Australia, we are involved in efforts to achieve greater recognition of its value as an area of research.
  • We’ve fielded a highly experienced team of professionals who have dedicated themselves to delivering a high standard of care and service to all our clients.
  • We are transparent about everything, from what you will experience during the process to the costs associated with pursuing this therapy.

The Background of TBI Treatment Development

Though medical science has made it clear that head injuries can have long-term consequences, the scope and severity of those consequences are becoming more evident. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of traditional therapies available for addressing the more complex effects of head trauma, including changes in mood or behaviour.

With technologies such as MeRTSM opening new avenues of exploration, the future may hold many hopeful possibilities for people living with TBIs. Explore those possibilities for yourself when you contact us.