MeRT Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia

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Autism Spectrum Disorder affects how a person perceives the outside world and interacts with others. This can cause issues with social interactions, communication skills, learning, and the ability to function independently. Autism can also cause a person to behave inappropriately in response to normal everyday situations. Symptoms and their severity can vary wildly which determines where a person is on the “spectrum.” Asperger’s Syndrome also falls under Autism Spectrum Disorder and usually refers to the mild end of the spectrum.

Most children who are afflicted show symptoms in the first year of life, however others may develop normally and then regress between 18 and 24 months of age, causing them to lose skills they’ve already learned, and take on other characteristics of Autism.

Every child with Autism will have their own unique behavior patterns and severity levels, from high-functioning to low-functioning.  Intelligence levels can vary from low to high. However, even if they have high levels of intelligence and learn quickly, they still may lack common sense, adequate social skills, the ability to communicate well, and not be able to cope with everyday life situations with appropriate responses.

Early diagnosis and intervention is most helpful and can help improve social skills, behavior, and language. Children don’t usually outgrow Autism, however they can learn to function very well. There are several different therapies that can help, and the earlier the better.  It’s important to find a medical team that can assist on many levels.

Here at the Brain Treatment Center Australia, our Dr’s and technicians offer MeRTSM treatment for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  MeRTSM  is a unique and improved version of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), and is much more individualized approach to brain modulation, and is tailored to the patient’s needs based on frequency, location, and power used. 

We perform a quantitative EEG before modulation treatment starts in order to determine exactly the frequency of your brain. MeRTSM is highly individualized as to frequency and location based on an initial thorough testing and evaluation. This customized, scientific approach is unique to each patient.

The patient’s initial testings are analyzed very carefully as to the brain’s pattern of function and activity. Through this detailed analysis we are able to determine the correct neural synchronization. This information is then used to devise a highly personalized protocol for each patient, with the purpose of encouraging improved brain communication. This can lead to significant clinical symptom improvements.*

After the initial 2 week evaluation, treatment for Autism usually lasts four to six weeks and may require follow up annually. Appointments are approx 45 minutes in length, Monday through Friday. Generally the patient will begin to notice improvements during the first week.*

*The Results shown are based on active and strict observation of our regimens. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.