Through personal determination driven by a genuine belief in the treatment, Brain Treatment Centre Australia has successfully brought Guided Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRTsm) to the Australian shores. Previously only available in the USA, the technology is a pioneering brain stimulation therapy that is building support around the world for its precision in identifying, targeting and altering brainwave activity to optimise brain function and provide benefits such as improved sleep, concentration, memory, mood and stress.


Based on the principles of neuromodulation; an emerging science for the treatment of neurological conditions, under the MeRTsm application protocols are tailored to the individual to identify and address and optimise a multitude of neurological functions.


MeRTsm is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical. The science was developed by highly qualified neuroscientists who have fostered an evidence-based model that is informed by innovative brainwave imaging. It is a highly advanced precision neuromodulation approach which is already being used by thousands of people through a growing global network of Brain Treatment Centres.


We have an initial two-week assessment period for all new participants to validate the therapy’s effectiveness on each individual and provide a degree of certainty pursuing with ongoing sessions. This will be determined based on therapy results and improved outcomes.


MeRTsm is changing the way we think about the mind and has the potential to improve the lives of many Australians.