MeRT℠ Therapy

MeRT stands for Magnetic E (for Electroencephalogram/Electrocardiogram) Resonance Treatment. MeRT℠ is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical and personalized form of neuromodulation.  MeRT℠ combines; repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) and Electrocardiogram (ECG). to identify, measure, analyze and design personalized therapy towards improving synchrony and an effective communication in brain activity.

The Brain

The Brain is composed of approximately 100 billion neurons that communicate with each other via a complex neural pathway. Major or minor disruption in this communication due to trauma, infection, developmental delay or other factors may result in diverse neurological, developmental and sensory issues. See conditions for more.

MeRT℠ therapy

MeRT℠ commences with a 2 weeks assessment period that involves 2 Clinical consults, 2 qEEG/ECG recording and 9 session of therapy. An initial consults includes a baseline scaling of clients’ condition using WHODAS 2.O, PHQ-6, HAM-A, PCL-5, BPI, NSI amongst others. Next, a qEEG/ECG is done to determine the clients’ neural pathways/brain activity baseline. This recordings guides the development of a personalized MeRT℠ therapy protocol for the client.

Clients then receive 9 sessions of therapy, approximately 1 hour each day. During therapy to receive the most effective results it is very important to get proper morning sunlight and restful sleep. Getting natural unobstructed sunlight (no sunglasses, contact lenses or windows) from 7-11 am and going to bed at a reasonable hour provides better and lasting results. Generally the patient will begin to notice improvements during the first week.

At the end of the 9 initial MeRT Therapy session, a second qEEG/ECG is performed and compared with the first qEEG/ECG record, likewise, a second scale is done and compared with the baseline scale. After which at the second clinical consult the clinician determines if the client responded and what the response to MeRT therapy has been. Using these data, the clinician is able to determine and recommend if the client will benefit from further therapy. Usually this will lasts 4-6 weeks with appointments at approx. 1 hour in length, Monday through to Friday.

MeRT Process