We use a Personalised Approach

Magnetic EEG/ECG-Resonance Therapy (MeRT℠) begins by mapping your brain activity and looking at areas that may not be communicating effectively. To receive the most effective results it is very important to get proper morning sunlight and restful sleep. Getting natural unobstructed sunlight (no sunglasses, contacts or windows) from 7-11 am and going to bed before 10pm provides better and lasting results.


MeRT℠ Therapy is pain free and completely non-invasive.


MeRT℠ is a drug free therapy that uses magnetic stimulation

TGA Cleared Equipment

Our equipment is cleared by the TGA.

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Our Aim is for Functional Recovery

Common Benefits of MeRT℠
Improved Concentration
Cope better with stress
Improved clarity and memory
Improved sleep quality and duration
Improvement in Mood