How Neuromodulation Treatment Can Help with Anxiety

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Have you been trying out different forms of anxiety therapy only to find that the results are minimal or absent? If so, then you may be a good candidate for the therapy that we offer at Brain Treatment Centre Australia. We use a form of neuromodulation therapy called Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRTSM) to provide personalised brain therapy for a variety of conditions and difficulties. We have witnessed improvements using MeRTSM as an anxiety therapy as well as a therapy for associated conditions such as depression and extreme stress.

What You Should Know about MeRTSM As an Alternative Anxiety Therapy

With any medical therapy, it is wise to learn as much about the therapy as possible ahead of time. This statement is especially true for newer methods to address anxiety which you may not have encountered or heard about in the media.

MeRTSM falls into this category for many people experiencing anxiety who are looking for a new therapy pathway. Here are a few things to know about MeRTSM if you are considering it as an alternative anxiety therapy:

  • It aims to align neural brain activity. MeRTSM and other types of neuromodulation therapy are intended to help correct or align neural activity. Neural activity may be unaligned for a range of reasons from brain damage to post-traumatic stress disorder. Many patients who struggle with depression or anxiety are, at a scientific level, dealing with neural alignment issues. Neuromodulation therapy delivers sub-threshold magnetic pulses to specific parts of the brain to help realign the neurons and encourage them to fire in a more supportive direction.
  • MeRTSM involves regular EEG recordings. Patients are sometimes hesitant to undergo new therapies for depression or anxiety. One factor about MeRTSM that tends to set patients and their families at ease is the fact that this process involves regular EEG (Electroencephalography) recordings. EEGs are essentially a non-invasive method of recording the electrical activity of the brain. Since every patient is different, it is vital for practitioners to know precisely what is going on within each patient’s brain to establish and provide an effective course of therapy. EEG recordings provide that information.
  • It has helped our patients with a range of issues. Trying MeRTSM may produce life-changing results for some patients, and not just as part of a new anxiety therapy or depression therapy. Realigning neural activity in the brain has also helped us provide benefits for patients who struggle with insomnia, concentration problems, memory concerns, chronic pain, and autism spectrum disorders.

How Does Our Anxiety Therapy Work?

Whether we are working with a patient seeking anxiety therapy or a new depression therapy, we start the same way: by mapping out brain activity and developing a customised plan for how to proceed with magnetic brain therapy. Here is a breakdown of how the process works:

  • We start with a quantitative EEG. By placing electrodes on the patient’s scalp, we can take a quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG), which is a recording of electrical activity in the brain. This information is the first step of a process that allows us to map the patient’s brain activity and identify potential concerns.
  • We add an electrocardiogram. We carry out the qEEG in conjunction with an electrocardiogram (ECG), which records the activity of the heart. Taking these measurements together tells us how the brain and heart are interacting, which can shed light on potential neurological disruptions or brain damage.
  • We plan out which areas of the brain to target. Based on our mapping of the brain and its neurological activity, we can identify specific areas where realignment may be necessary. We deliver each patient a completely customised therapy plan because we know that every patient’s brain is different. The plan outlines where we will target the magnetic pulses of MeRTSM to bring about neurological benefits.

About Brain Treatment Centre Australia

Brain Treatment Centre Australia was established in 2018 as an affiliate of the United States-based Brain Treatment Centre. The Brain Treatment Centre has worked tirelessly to develop non-invasive and non-chemical means of treating neurological disorders. We have picked up that baton and carried it forward, quickly establishing ourselves as leaders of MeRTSM in Australia.

Are you interested in learning more about neuromodulation techniques and how MeRTSM works to help address multiple neurological issues? Contact us today to learn more about this ground-breaking therapy and find out whether you or a loved one might be a strong candidate.