BTC PTSD Online Assessment

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PTSD Online Assessment

While each patient may have unique traumas that have contributed to his or her distress, the ways in which suffering is experienced can be surprisingly similar from one person to the next. We take each patient into consideration, creating personalized treatment protocols, with outcomes that are remarkably universal.

In many cases PTSD will manifest as the result of disruption in the front of the brain. It is commonplace to see two competing alpha frequencies in the frontal lobe and slow rolling waveforms (delta & theta waves) drowning out what should be a single strong alpha frequency. 

Our two week assessment period consists of an initial clinical evaluation, an EEG, then 9 MeRT therapy sessions followed by another EEG and finally a clinical review.

Please click on the links below to download all necessary paperwork. Please read and complete and return via email prior to your first appointment to allow for collection of all necessary data.