Brain Injury (Acquired or Traumatic)

Brain Injury (Acquired or Traumatic) are disabling conditions that affects 1.9% of Australians, making it the highest in Western countries. Causes of BI includes head trauma, hypoxia, infection, tumor, substance abuse, degenerative neurological disease and stroke. This can cause physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and sensory impairments, that reduces the quality of life.

BI effects poor communication in neural activity in the brains of individuals, and as such, MeRT℠ begins by mapping your brain activity and identifying areas that may not be communicating effectively. With personalized protocols and an understanding that every individual is different, parts of the brain not communicating effectively are specifically nurtured to strengthen their functionality and recovery.

By synchronizing the brain or neural activity communication, individuals living with BI can experience improvement in sleep quality and duration, concentration and focus, mood and motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem, sociability and clarity of thoughts*.

*Any result shown are based on active and strict observation of our regimens. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.

There may be exceptions, but you will need to discuss your situation with the clinician.

Absolute Contraindications



Vagal Nerve Stimulator

VP Shunt/ Magnetic intracranial shunts

Deep Brain Stimulator implant

Epidural Cortical stimulator

Steel shunts/stents/filters

Cranial metal fragments (i.e. shrapnel, excluding titanium)

Aneurysm clips, coils, pipeline flow diversion

Cochlear implant

Pregnant or breast feeding

Primary or metastatic brain cancer (unless palliative treatment brain cancer)

Magnetic dental implant

Ocular implants

Relative Contraindications (requiring closer protocol attention, but not disqualifying someone from receiving cortical MeRT℠ therapy)

History of Seizure or seizure disorder

Titanium shunts/stents

Spinal Cord Stimulator

Hearing aids

Magnetic ink tattoo

Bipolar Disorder Type 1&2

Baha Implant Absolute

Absolute Contraindications for Peripheral MeRT℠ (This include ALL cortical MeRT℠ therapy contraindications, plus those listed below)

Steel screws or hardware (contraindicated for placement over ferrous material)

Any implanted electrical device

Urogenital implants

Ferrous implants

IVC Filters

Pain pumps