The Most Important Facts to Know about Tinnitus Therapy in Australia

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According to one report by Hearing Australia, nearly two-thirds of young Australians have reported some experience with hearing a persistent buzzing or whining sound in their ears. Tinnitus therapy in Australia is an area of medical research that many individuals find lacking despite the large number of individuals that this condition affects. At Brain Treatment Centre Australia, we use innovative MeRTSM therapy to offer a new tinnitus treatment that may provide relief to those experiencing especially severe tinnitus.

What Causes Tinnitus That May Require Therapy?

In exploring one of the most frustrating conditions that an individual can face, scientists still cannot clearly identify the roots or exact cause of tinnitus. However, we do understand several factors that may contribute to the development of this condition, including:

  • Persistent and prolonged exposure to loud noises. This area represents the most common cause of tinnitus, and it is a strong reason to wear ear protection in noisy environments.
  • Severe head injuries, such as concussions. Though they do not represent the most common cause of tinnitus, TBIs may cause tinnitus in some individuals which may not subside despite the disappearance of other concussion-related symptoms.
  • Hearing loss due to aging. Tinnitus that presents earlier in life may develop or become more noticeable as an individual ages and naturally loses some of his or her hearing ability.
  • High blood pressure and other conditions, such as diabetes, may contribute to the development of tinnitus as well.

At Brain Treatment Centre Australia, we’ve developed a new protocol for the use of MeRTSM neuromodulation technology to help lessen the effects of tinnitus in concert with a holistic plan of care.

How Does This New Tinnitus Therapy Work?

Those with tinnitus know that it is generally accepted that there are very few treatment options available that can provide a potential reduction in symptoms. MeRTSM as a tinnitus therapy has shown significant potential for symptom management.

  • We personalise treatment protocols based on the facts of each individual’s case and with an understanding of his or her other care choices. With individualised analyses of EEG/EKG information, we use MeRTSM technology to target specific areas of the brain with problematic neural pathways.
  • Each client typically undergoes an initial assessment period that is long enough to allow us to gather the data that we require for model development. The treatment period then commences, with clients experiencing an average of six weeks of daily treatments.
  • Because it is still a relatively new tinnitus therapy, changes and improvements are continuously underway. Today, Brain Treatment Centre Australia’s tinnitus therapy protocol reflects a client response rate of approximately 50%.

About the Professional Staff at Brain Treatment Centre Australia

At Brain Treatment Centre Australia, our clinicians and neurotechnicians bring years of experience, education, and professional development to the table. Our team looks forward to the opportunity to offer clients a caring and relaxed environment in which to pursue these new treatment pathways. Contact us today to explore your suitability for this type of treatment.