Step 1: Record EEG

We conduct an eyes-closed 10 minute quantitative electroencephalogram (q-EEG) and an electrocardiogram (EKG) tests that measure brain wave frequencies, heart rate and brain-heart coherence.

Our scientific and clinical teams analyze the results to better understand your brain state.

Step 2: EEG Analysis and Review

We use a patented approach with your neurophysiological data to develop a customized treatment plan that aims to encourage healthy brain communication.

All MeRT℠ treatment parameters are approved by a licensed neurosurgeon or physician.

Step 3: MeRT Therapy

While sitting comfortably, a trained technician will position the magnetic coil on your head. This coil will deliver your individualized treatment protocol to the targeted region of the brain.

The technician applies stimulation for 5 seconds intervals. A typical appointment is approximately 45 minutes

Step 4: Progress Evaluation

We take sequential q-EEG and EKG recordings every 10 treatments to monitor progress and make any necessary modifications to your treatment protocol. This ensures we’re always taking the best approach based on your current neurological state. A typical course of MeRT℠ varies, but on average ranges between 4-6 weeks, Monday through Friday.



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