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Neuromodulation Therapy

What You Need to Know about Neuromodulation Therapy

Neuromodulation therapy is a ground-breaking strategy for providing brain treatments that are truly personalised and targeted to suit the needs of each client. At Brain Treatment Centre Australia, we are one of the only clinics in Australia that is licensed to offer Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (or MeRTSM). In this post, we will discuss some of the details of this treatment and who might be able to benefit from it.

What Is MeRTSM?

Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy or MeRTSM is a form of non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical neuromodulation procedure. MeRTSM  uses magnetic stimulation to align neural pathways within the brain and is a personalized and targeted form of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS). This can result in a reduction of presenting symptoms for individuals with; PTSD, TBI, Eating Disorders,  ASD, anxiety, Depression etc.

MeRTSM electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor progress and update treatment protocols. Throughout the MeRTSM process, regular EEGs are obtained to target brain activity that may not be communicating effectively. Whereas, rTMS stimulates one location, using only one frequency for individuals suffering from Depression.

MeRTSM aims to align and synchronise  neural activity within the brain. The primary objective of MeRTSM is to optimise brain activity by targeting areas of the brain that need realigning. This is achieved by delivering sub-threshold magnetic pulses to targeted areas of the brain to nudge the neurons to fire the way they should. An EEg is essential in order to determine the effective treatment protocol as every individual is different, therefore the treatment is created on an individual basis.

MeRTSM has been applied to many living with a range of mental, sensory, and developmental challenges. While  we are not guided by diagnosis, MeRTSM  has resulted in clients experiencing a range of changes including; improvement in sleep quality and  duration, reduction in stress and anxiety, better concentration, improve clarity and memory, reduce pain, and deliver other benefits.

When Preparing for MeRTSM Treatment, Consider This

If you are interested in pursuing neuromodulation treatment, consider these points to help you prepare:

  • The process takes time. At Brain Treatment Centre Australia, our MeRTSM treatments typically consist of a two-week assessment period followed by a further month of daily treatments. We recommend an average of six weeks of treatment to most clients.
  • The process is an investment. We are transparent about cost so that our clients and their families know exactly what to expect. The assessment period will cost $3,000 and the further 4 weeks of treatment will cost $10,000. We offer supportive payment plans through Zip Money so that cost is not a barrier to treatment.
  • In some instances, ongoing treatment is recommended aligning neural pathways through neuromodulation has seen significant changes for clients. and some continue to see ongoing gains after completing treatment. In some cases, individuals may need to return for further treatment periods throughout the year to continue nudging and sustain neuronal pathways and therefore clinical presentations.
  • About Brain Treatment Centre Australia

Brain Treatment Centre Australia opened its doors in October 2018. We are an affiliate of the Brain Treatment Centre in the United States and are proud to bring the methodology of MeRTSM to Australia. If you are interested in learning more about us or the mechanics of neuromodulation therapy, contact us today.