Incorporate a Cutting-Edge Stroke Treatment to a Holistic Care Regimen

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Those with family members who have had strokes and those who have experienced it firsthand know that modern stroke therapy methods involve a long struggle. There’s no magic cure that can restore someone to full functionality after a major stroke, but recent scientific developments have shown that it’s possible to improve the odds of restoring some functions. We believe that you should strongly consider incorporating MeRTsm to your therapy plan, as it may produce significant results.

Why Trust Brain Treatment Centre Australia Regarding Stroke therapy?

Our credibility is based on the years of research and implementation that we’ve experienced. Our therapy methods are based on facts which we consistently re-examine for any opportunities to apply the latest scientific developments in cerebral physiology.

  • Our organisation has been involved with extensive research into how brains function and in what ways we can treat the symptoms associated with long-term or lifelong conditions. Since we first introduced MeRTsm, an alternative stroke therapy, to Australia, we’re pleased with how effective the results have been.
  • We have confidence in our new stroke therapy based on the research and real-life examples from our clinic. Those who we determine are eligible for therapy can experience improvements in many areas such as improved functioning, attention, and information retention.
  • In the past two years, over 5000 people have undergone this therapy, and the results have been encouraging. Our team includes experienced neurotechnicians who have spent years training to understand everything currently known about MeRTsm. Those who administer your therapy are among the best and most experienced in the world when it comes to this procedure.

Myths about Stroke Therapy

As impressive as the results have been, we must provide a note of caution. There are several myths about the therapy which can give false hope and unreasonable expectations:

  • It’s Medicine – Unfortunately, there is no solution to reverse the damage done by a stroke. The best medical science currently available suggests that the brain can often relearn functions that used damaged pathways. MeRTsm can be part of a holistic therapy that improves the brain’s ability to adapt alongside traditional methods, including physical therapy and speech pathology.
  • It’s Permanent – Similarly, dealing with the results of a stroke is a lifelong commitment. Our new stroke therapy has shown to be effective in many individuals during therapy and for varying times afterwards. We recommend follow-up visits to gauge performance and see if additional therapy would be helpful.
  • It’s Guaranteed – Not everyone is eligible for this therapy. Even for those who are likely to respond positively to it, there is still the possibility that it will not have a noticeable or lasting effect. We consistently monitor progress and measure results so that you have access to the best information and can determine whether to continue the procedure.

About Our Alternative Stroke therapy

This procedure is entirely non-invasive and essentially uses brain scan technology to measure and help regulate your brain’s activity.

  • It is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we don’t try to apply the exact methods that produced results in someone else to your therapy. Each therapy is tailored uniquely to the person, meaning your program will be designed to maximise the chance that you will experience improvements.
  • There is a two-week assessment period, after which time we determine whether you may be a good fit for the therapy. The therapy itself lasts from 2-10 weeks of daily therapy, and we generally recommend at least a 6-week course.
  • Once we have concluded the therapy, we’ll review a final scan and schedule periodic follow-up visits. Depending on the results of those visits, we may schedule annual or semi-annual visits to retain positive changes. In no case have we witnessed anyone regress below their starting baseline.

About the Staff at Brain Treatment Centre Australia

Our team is highly trained and experienced with this unique procedure. We’re proud to bring a leading-edge therapy to Australia and strive to ensure that everyone who seeks it is always made comfortable and treated with respect. The neurotechnicians, administrators, and clinicians at the Brain Treatment Centre Australia dedicate themselves to providing the best possible service. With our help, you may be able to reduce the symptoms of your stroke and restore additional functionality. Contact us to schedule your initial appointment today and learn more about our stroke therapy.