Brain Treatment Centre Australia offers Brain Therapy for Individuals

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If you are experiencing troubling issues, such as PTSD, anxiety, sleep disorders, or addiction, then our innovative brain therapy can help. At Brain Treatment Centre Australia, we offer MeRT (magnetic e-resonance therapy) to help with a variety of common and not-so-common concerns by addressing the root cause: your brain dysfunction. Many of our clients have experienced a range of benefits after obtaining treatments with us. We design our holistic therapies to be part of an overall treatment plan to help the client achieve the best results possible.

What Is MeRT Brain Optimisation Therapy?

MeRT is a targeted and individualised form of transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) therapy. However, unlike conventional rTMS, MeRT uses regular EEG recordings to monitor the person’s progress and deliver special treatment protocols designed to optimise brain function. The results of MeRT are highly individual, depending on the person receiving treatment. The benefits may include:

  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved memory
  • Reduced depression and anxiety
  • Increased thought clarity and focus
  • Help with substance abuse
  • Greater sociability
  • Less pain

Using this approach, we can locate areas of damage or unaligned neural pathways in the brain. Then, we can realign these neural pathways to reduce the client’s symptoms and help improve their overall quality of life.

How MeRT Brain Treatment Works

MeRT combines multiple medical technologies in a unique, highly-targeted, leading-edge process that can help reduce the symptoms of many different disorders. The three technologies involved include:

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG). We use an EEG to record the brain’s electrical activity and determine the current attention and metabolic state, factors that can change according to alertness, consciousness, and neurological state. An EEG is non-invasive and painless, taking only around 20 minutes. An EEG is an important tool that allows a customised approach to therapy, as every EEG is unique to the individual.
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG). An EKG maps the heart’s electrical activity. The electrical activity of the heart plays a key role in helping us understand the function and overall health of the brain. Like an EEG, an EKG allows us to take an individualised approach to treatment with each client.
  • rTMS is a non-invasive therapy that involves painlessly stimulating the brain over a specific period to optimise the neural pathways. The MeRT approach uses neuromodulation equipment designed for the treatment of depression and is effective for the treatment of many other disorders as well.

About Brain Treatment Centre Australia

At Brain Treatment Centre Australia, we use non-invasive, cutting-edge technology to help our clients with a wide variety of concerns. This technology was developed in the US to help optimise the function of the brain in a range of neurological conditions. We have helped thousands of individuals facing issues such as PTSD, depression, autism, eating disorders, ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, dementia, and more. MeRT brain optimisation can be a valuable component of an overall treatment plan that includes therapies such as psychology or speech pathology. For more information, contact Brain Treatment Centre Australia today.