Achieve Results from a New Development Improving on rTMS Treatment

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Many people in Australia struggle with various conditions that are related to brain imbalances. Some of these are genetic, while others are associated with illnesses. There are even several injury or experience-related conditions that cause distinct symptoms that negatively impact their lives. Those who have sought assistance may have heard about rTMS as a potential solution. Brain Treatment Centre Australia has developed MeRTsm, which is patient-driven and uses computational analysis.

Common Symptoms That This Improved rTMS Therapy Addresses

When you undergo MeRTsm treatment, it may help you with many symptoms such as:

  • Loss of Sleep – Our studies have shown that over a four-week timeframe, those who undergo MeRTsm treatment can sleep more consistently and deeply, waking up more refreshed. Better sleeping patterns are helpful for those who suffer from PTSD and chronic fatigue disorders.
  • Attention and Hyperactivity – Those with autism or ADD often experience an inability to focus on tasks at hand or the people around them. Our consistent experience has revealed that MeRTsm therapy can mitigate those symptoms and improve focus over time. Those with autism are also more likely to be attentive to social cues and improve eye contact.
  • Cravings – Whether you’re combating alcoholism or another addictive behaviour, MeRTsm treatment may be able to limit the cravings associated with relapsing. The potential for improved brain regulation means that it may be possible to acclimate to a healthy lifestyle sooner than you had previously thought.

What You Should Know About This Better Method Than rTMS in Australia

MeRTsm is designed to alleviate the symptoms caused by many disorders or conditions that previously were very difficult to counteract safely. Due to its novelty, there are several things that people don’t commonly understand about it:

  • MeRTsm therapy is not a cure for underlying conditions or illnesses. Instead, it is a helpful tool for combating some common symptoms that appear from conditions such as autism, ADHD, concussions, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and chronic fatigue syndrome, among others.
  • MeRTsm is a non-invasive procedure and doesn’t involve any medication. It begins with a two-week assessment period wherein we record an EEG before a series of nine treatments, each lasting 40 minutes. After those treatments, we record another EEG to help determine if you are someone who would respond positively to the treatment.
  • You should not look MeRTsm as the entirety of a treatment program. It is designed to be used in concert with other treatments so that you can maximise its restorative potential and better manage your conditions by confronting every symptom possible.

About Brain Treatment Centre Australia

We are an affiliate branch of the Brain Treatment Centre in the United States, an organisation dedicated to researching and treating brain disorders whenever possible. In 2018, we brought MeRTsm therapy to Australia in the hopes of offering new treatment methods to Australians who deal with long-term brain conditions. The results have been promising and have lined up with the extensive research we conducted, so we are hopeful for the future. Contact us today to learn more about MeRTsm and see if you may be a candidate for this improvement on rTMS treatments.